Zambia's Game Ranching Association, known as the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia, represents members from the Private Wildlife Estates


WPAZ-01Requirements for Membership:

Full Membership: new members must provide copies of a current Permit to Keep Animals in Captivity, Certificate of Ownership and a completed WPAZ Membership Application Form.  Full membership renewals require copies of a current Permit to Keep Animals in Captivity, a Certificate of Ownership, the ZAWA Annual Return Form and the yellow copies from the previous years’ GTP book. Associate Membership: applications for Associate Membership require a completed Application Form.  Renewals simply require payment of the fee.

Annual Membership Fees:

Full Membership: allows affiliated WPAZ members to purchase and use the approved Game Transfer Permit Book (GTP book) @ K75 each – which forms are required by ZAWA to legitimately trade, transfer game animals.  Full Members are listed on the  WPAZ Website and may create their own link or webpage to advertise goods and services.  Full Membership:  K1,000 per annum. Associate Membership: This is for members who do not own/operate Game Ranches in Zambia, but who would like to be a part of the association.Associate Membership: K250 per annum
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