Zambia's Game Ranching Association, known as the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia, represents members from the Private Wildlife Estates

Ellensdale Game Ranch

Ellensdale Game Ranch is conveniently located 20 mins from the airport.

It comprises 2000 acres of mixed woodlands and is stocked with sable, hartebeest, kudu, zebra, waterbuck, puku, impala, bushbuck, reedbuck, duicker, grysbok, warthog and bushpig which run successfully with the Angoni cattle. There are also good bird stocks (guinea fowl, francolin & water birds).

There is a luxury safari camp on the property which can be booked in conjunction with hunts.

Animals available for live sale:

Sable 1 male and 3 female
Zebra 2 male and 3 female
Kudu 2 male and 6 female
Waterbuck 1 male and 3 female
Hartebeest 4 male and 10 female
Impala 2 male and 10 female
Puku 2 male and 10 female

Contact Sarah Dean +260.966.866664 or [email protected]