Zambia's Game Ranching Association, known as the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia, represents members from the Private Wildlife Estates

Bateleur Investments Ltd owns and manages 2 small “ornamental” Game Farms in Zambia: “Ukutemwa” in the Leopard’s Hill area of Lusaka and “Kalundu” in East Chisamba.
Bateleur Investments Ltd. is a property and farming company owned and managed by the long-established Frost family who also own and manage Associated Printers Ltd. – a printing and signage company incorporated in 1964 with its Head Office and main factory in Lusaka and a Sales Office in Kitwe on the Copperbelt.

The Frost family’s interest in and contribution to wildlife and environmental issues in Zambia spans
four generations. David Frost was the Chairman of the Professional Hunters Association of Zambia for many years; his son Peter has recently joined the Board of the Kasanka Trust; his daughter Cilla is an active member of WPAZ committee. At “Kalundu” farm in Chisamba, Cilla established and manages the first commercial Macadamia Nut orchard in Zambia. Her Macadamia Nuts and nut products, marketed under the brand:

 “Cilla’s Completely Nuts!”

 are well known and are found in several of shops and supermarkets in Lusaka as well as in various hotels and lodges around the country.

At “Ukutemwa”, Peter keeps a small herd of Impala and a growing family of Bushbuck. At “Kalundu” Cilla keeps Impala and Zebra which roam freely around the farm and garden – together with 4 oxen and a growing number of Chocolate Labradors!

Another of Cilla’s small enterprises is a range of Selected Really Useful Solar Equipment


This includes affordable but sturdy lamps and lanterns designed specifically for Africa’s rural areas.

Peter Frost

Email: [email protected]
Cell:+260 977 80 79 88

Cilla Frost-d’Elbee

Email: [email protected]
Cell: +260 966 76 50 39