Zambia's Game Ranching Association, known as the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia, represents Private Wildlife Estates, Game Lodges and Game Farms of Zambia

The aims of the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia are:
  • To advise and inform members on the laws and practices of the Government, its agencies and authorities, including all bodies involved in the production, protection and conservation of wildlife and game farming in Zambia.
  • To promote the welfare and interests of all members in all fields connected with game ranching and wildlife production.
  • To maximise the benefits from wildlife production and conservation to all involved sectors of society.
  • To provide information and advice to members and any parties interested in the production, care and conservation of wildlife in Zambia
  • WPAZ is closely affiliated to related organisations such as the ZNFU (Zambia National Farmers Union) and the PHAZ (Professional Hunters Association of Zambia) in order that all aspects of our industry such as agriculture and livestock, hunting and tourism can be included in promotion, development and representation.
The Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia is a fully paid up associate member of the Zambia National Farmers Union.  The Union provides our association with a secretariat to deal with WPAZ business, particularly to receipt members subs and make available GTP books to paid up members.  This service is available at the ZNFU Accounts Department during normal office hours on Monday to Friday each week. Please consult the Membership Details page for important conditions attached to membership of the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia.